October 3, 2022

Guidelines to play Ludo game online

Ludo finds its origin in an Indian game called Pachisi from 3300 BC. It is one of the popular cross and circle games that are played all around the world. It is a board game for 2 to 4 players where each member will try and race their four tokens from the start to reach the board’s house.

They roll the dice and decide their next moves. It’s always nostalgic to feel our childhood memories playing ludo with family and friends. It was always great fun. And today, with everything digitized, it’s possible to play the ludo game online.

Ludo Board and its Parts

Just like the pachisi game that originated in India, the Ludo board is square in shape with four brightly colored themes on it. They are yellow, blue, red, and green. Each player chooses a color. The board has a cross-shaped play area or space for the tokens to move through.

Each such space is divided into 3 columns of squares, repeatedly for 6 rows. In the cross column, generally, 5 or 6 squares are colored, and it represents the homecoming of the dice, which lead to the center. This centre triangular part is the home and is the final destination for all the 4 coins.

There’s a starting place, colored separately with the theme for all the four players. The colour of the starting point and home have the same theme. The movement of the tokens is governed by the rolling of the dice.

How to Play Ludo Online

To begin with Ludo, players can either download the Ludo app or play it online. While playing online, the computer can also be chosen as your opponent when there’s only one player or just to add spice to the game. The four tokens are kept in the starting zone.

One color is chosen out of four by a player. 2 to 4 players can participate. In a clockwise manner, the dice are rolled. The person who gets the higher number (6) on the dice will move one token onto the board. The player is unable to move until a 6 is obtained.

On rolling the next 6, the player can either choose to move another token onto the board or move the first token along the cross columns. When a six is rolled, the player gets an extra chance. On rolling a 6 for 3 consecutive times, the player loses the chance.

When the token lands on a square occupied by other peer players, the peer’s token is sent back to the start of the game. When the players’ own coins coincide in the square, then the other players’ tokens are blocked from being placed in that particular square.

Alas! The luck while rolling the dice governs the players’ chance of winning, while a little calculative play can also decide the win or lose. While playing a ludo game online, the system commands randomly generate the dice roll numbers and become the game changer.

The player whose four tokens reach the home column and then finally reach the home triangle at the centre of the board will be the winner. If there are more than 2 players, then the other players will continue the game to decide the runner-ups.

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