January 30, 2023

Virtual Phone Numbers for SMS Verification

To register a personal or commercial profile in social networks, messenger or marketplaces, you need to specify a valid phone number to confirm the account. This is not always convenient, because it often happens that you need to register not one, but several profiles at once. Therefore, for this you have to buy the right number of SIM cards and insert them into the phone in turn at the stage of registration. This is quite inconvenient and requires a lot of money.

There is, of course, an option to use the help of your friends or relatives and ask for a phone from them, but it is not always appropriate. Much better and more profitable to use a fake phone number for verification, with which you can register the desired number of accounts on any platform. This is very convenient, because to buy and register you do not have to go to the office of the mobile operator – everything is done remotely with the help of specialized online services.

What is a virtual phone number for SMS?

Such a number has no specific identification signs and looks like a traditional mobile number with the code of the city, country and mobile operator. To connect a virtual number there is no need to spend money to buy additional gadgets – smartphones, cell phones or tablets. It has no physical carrier in the form of a SIM card, so there is no need to insert anything into the special slots of the devices. Such a number is ordered and connected via the Internet in online mode.


What’s good about a virtual phone number?

β€’ For users of messengers and other social networks – the ability to create an unlimited number of accounts.
β€’ For those who register on the sites of stores and trading platforms – the ability to avoid telephone spam and protect themselves from fraudsters.
β€’ For subscribers of paid games, music and other web-services with free trial period, where the user is identified by phone number: opportunity to renew free period for an unlimited time.


Scope of Virtual Numbers for SMS

Statistics show that most customers order a virtual number for themselves for just a few minutes. This decision has a logical explanation. Virtual numbers are more often used today for registration on a variety of sites. Thus, users protect their real number from annoying spam.

If a particular online resource requires a visitor to register, it is better to use a virtual number. The best option is to use it in a variety of online stores, which then actively send their customers numerous promotional messages.


How do I get a virtual phone number for registration?

You can order a virtual number for SMS verification by contacting the company SMS, which provides virtual numbers from more than 200 countries.


Features of SMS-man service:

β€’ Dozens of processing centers in different countries.
β€’ Customers are given a large selection of numbers for activation.
β€’ The service does not depend on specific people, so there are no outages.
β€’ You can purchase a number in just a few minutes, immediately after registration.
β€’ Possibility of single and mass activation of accounts in social networks and carrying out various payments.
β€’ It is possible to use the service from any device, being in any part of the world.
β€’ Using the service is completely confidential.
β€’ Online managers will help to solve any problems 24/7.


Detailed instructions on how to get a virtual number for SMS:

1. First you need to create personal account on SMS-man site
2. The next step is to refill your account. Make a deposit on the payment page.
3. After refilling the account on the main page you choose the country, from which the virtual number will be taken, and the service where you need to register.
4. By clicking on β€œBuy” next to the selected service virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet.
5. Use this number for SMS-verification in service you have selected.
6. All received messages can be read in your personal cabinet by pressing the β€œGet SMS” button next to the purchased virtual number.

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